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Courage begets courage in Memphis: another survivor of sex abuse at Immanuel Baptist Church tells her story

Karen’s Story I was manipulated and controlled by my abuser for nearly 2 years. I just recently realized that I've continued to allow him to manipulate me by keeping quiet since then. That's one reason I must get the truth out. He can control me no longer. Last week I filed an official police report, and now I tell my story.  My family helped found Immanuel Baptist Church in Germantown when I was in 8th grade. Near the end of my freshman year, Jim, a volunteer youth worker who was married, began to endear himself to me as a friend/mentor/encourager/confidante. Over the following months, he fostered a sense that he was the only one I could really trust. It was during this time that he began to also turn the "friendship" into more of a "relationship." His physical/sexual pursuit followed quickly. This also continued to escalate, and Jim forcibly raped me. I was falsely burdened with guilt and shame but felt I had nowhere to turn. The "relationship&

Convicted, registered child sex offender serves on worship team on stage at Highpoint Church Memphis

Raw Story  Memphis church @hpmemphis reportedly has a registered sex offender convicted of aggravated statutory rape that is a member of the worship team on stage during worship services. — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) November 21, 2016 @watchkeep @mey621 @hpmemphis well this is terrifying — kelly jean (@kjmeow) November 21, 2016 I wrote about Highpoint Church Memphis 2 weeks ago, along with Dee at The Wartburg Watch . City of Memphis library employee accused of sexual abuse at Germantown church where he used to be youth minister — Commercial Appeal (@memphisnews) November 18, 2016 I was informed last night that Timothy Christian Heinz , a convicted and registered child sex offender, is a member of the worship team on stage during worship services at Highpoint Church  in Memphis. Tim's conviction is for aggravated statutory rape on 9/28/2009. Tim's date of birth is 12/27/1974. At the date of the offense, T

New River Fellowship Church pastor Scott Crenshaw removed as lead pastor for "inappropriate images"

Update: I reported my concerns about New River Fellowship Church and the removal of Scott Crenshaw to the NCMEC Cybertipline .  I have spoken with Detective Rick Reese in the Hudson Oaks Police Department. If anyone has further information about Scott Crenshaw's removal due to "inappropriate images," or any information that needs to be reported to law enforcement, please contact Detective Rick Reese at 682-229-2424. Fort Worth-area church removes pastor for ‘inappropriate images’ HUDSON OAKS  A senior pastor in the Fort Worth area has been removed from his job because he had “inappropriate images” on his work computer, according to the church. The board of directors of  New River Fellowship Church  announced earlier this week that it removed senior pastor Scott Crenshaw from his position. Crenshaw helped started the contemporary church, which is based in Hudson Oaks and has campuses in Benbrook and Minerals Wells. The church has more than 2,000 members. N

Child sex abuse victims of a former Memphis Baptist youth pastor speak out together

TN--Victims urge outreach by church & library in alleged abuse case — SNAP Network (@SNAPNetwork) November 16, 2016   This post is in partnership with Dee Parsons at The Wartburg Watch . Last weekend, three survivors of child sex abuse by a former Baptist assistant youth pastor in Tennessee publicly shared their stories. Dee and I read these stories and shared them on social media. Our hearts go out to these men, and we applaud them for their bravery in sharing such personal pain. In doing so, they are giving many others courage to come forward and tell their own stories as well as protecting other kids. Through independent research and verification, Dee and I have learned that the accused former Baptist youth pastor is Chris Carwile . In the posts by the survivors, Chris' name has been changed and appears as "Carl."  Chris Carwile is currently the  Broadcast Program Coordinator  of WYPL at the City of Memphis Public Library.