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Do you see us?

#Doyouseeus Pls note #DoYouSeeUs for Jane's story. @wartwatch   @watchkeep   @ThouArtTheMan @wthrockmorton — Julie Anne (@DefendTheSheep) September 22, 2017 Do you hear Jane? A rape victim alleges blaming & shaming & cover up by @johnmacarthur & officials @mastersuniv — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) September 18, 2017 You can read Jane's full story here at Marci Preheim's site.  I am 32 years old and I am taking my life back. My name is Jane. Do you see me? *Writer’s note: This is an eye-witness testimony of something that really happened. Anyone who accuses me or Jane of lying may want to reconsider as we have police reports (the police believe the stranger has done this before and will do it again) printed emails, and plenty of evidence. Somehow, Jane had the presence of mind to print and keep all of these papers all of these years. Furthermore, if you are more appalled at me for writing this story,

Recent court filings in the Greg Kelley child sex assault case

  McCarty - SW for GK's Friend Finder (8.17.17) by watchkeep on Scribd   McCarty - SW for GK's ICloud (8.17.17) by watchkeep on Scribd   Filed Copy Cummings' Objection to Jointly Stipulated Findings of Fact by watchkeep on Scribd   Affidavit of James McDermott by watchkeep on Scribd rerouted   Greg Kelley Affidavit 8/21/2017 by watchkeep on Scribd   Hampton's 2nd Amended Writ by watchkeep on Scribd

Statement in support of the child sex abuse victim in the Greg Kelley case

Our hearts go out to the child who bravely came forward and testified that Greg Kelley abused him. It's always difficult for victims to come forward, fearing they will not be believed, especially when the abuse is perpetrated by someone the child trusts and respects. As Greg himself testified, he wanted the children to know him well and look up to him as a role model instead of as a big stranger. According to Greg’s own words, the children high-five’d him when they saw him, and wrestled with him. Children as young as six months can recognize faces, even similar ones, therefore we believe the child, who felt comfortable enough with Kelley to high-five and wrestle with him, when he identified Greg Kelley by name as his abuser. What people seem to have forgotten, or maybe don’t understand, is that child testimony is evidence, and many times the only evidence in crimes such as this. Failure to accept the only credible evidence is not only a failure of the system, but to the

Davey Blackburn to speak at young girls retreat featuring session on guns

You can't make this up. Who is leading the breakout session on guns at this Christian kids retreat? @kwilkerson37 @NCEWesleyanCh @WRAL — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) April 25, 2017 You'll recall (or please Google) Pastor Davey Blackburn's wife was murdered under what some say are spurious circumstances. — Stephanie Drury—SCCL (@StuffCCLikes) April 25, 2017 @watchkeep @daveyblackburn Don't forget the self defense workshop and the "escape room " workshop 🙄 — Joy and Sadness (@GozoYTristeza) April 25, 2017 Who would even send their daughters to this? @watchkeep My word! — Tricia Johnson (@trishkj) April 25, 2017 @watchkeep @daveyblackburn They need a whole session to say, "It doesn't." — Mickey (@KitMickey) April 25, 2017 @GozoYTristeza @watchkeep @daveyblackburn This can't be real life, can it?!? 😳

A Serendipitous Murder

Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed. -Proverbs 12:19 #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts #Community #Kensington — Kensington Church (@KensingtonCC) October 18, 2016 This is a follow up to my posts on the murder of Amanda Blackburn. Davey Blackburn 's "Nothing is Wasted Serendipity" branding campaign is in full swing. My Davey Blackburn posts to date in order: "It's such a conundrum" - Davey Blackburn when asked about justice for Amanda Blackburn Amanda Blackburn didn't "give her life." She was murdered . Marketing a Murder: Perry Noble and Davey Blackburn For Davey Blackburn, nothing is wasted, and the best yet to come seems to have arrived, only 8 months after wife's murder Pastor Davey Blackburn says he and his church are an "overnight success" after the murder of his wife and unborn baby Pastor Davey Blackburn likens people who question him t

The cult in the woods of East Texas: Church of Wells

The Church of Wells The Younger Years of the Church Elders Ringnald and Morris graduated from Baylor in 2008. Without the structure and demands of college, their religious fervor intensified. They traveled and preached on the street for two years before amassing a handful of followers and moving their tiny church to Arlington. In 2012, they moved the group for financial reasons to Wells, a town of 792 people located between Lufkin and Jacksonville, where their fervent evangelism has not found a warm welcome, particularly after the death of Baby Faith in May 2012 and the arrival of Catherine Grove from Arkansas in July 2013. Grove, 27, left for Wells without a word to her family about her plans, and her parents have been trying without success over the last eight months to see their daughter outside of the presence of the church’s elders, as Morris, Ringnald, and Gardner now refer to themselves. Exposing the Church of Wells  Ryan Ringnald: Women Silence Stripes Subjection : "

Evangelist Amy Lambert arrested for driving while impaired in Charlotte, North Carolina

Amy Lambert is the founder of Hope Uprising in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an evangelist and speaks around the world. THE MOVEMENT The mission of Hope Uprising is to fuel an uprising of hope one person at a time. We spread hope by using unconventional methods to reach the overlooked, destitute, and forgotten people around the world. We fulfill this through four ways:  Awareness ,  Recovery ,  Invasion , and  Training . Hope Uprising was formed by former drug addict, Amy Lambert.  Through Amy’s own personal journey of battling, and overcoming addiction, she was inspired to create a movement that would not only reach those without hope, but ignite passion in others to go and do the same. Amy's story of addiction was featured here on CBN. Amy Lambert was arrested on December 31, 2016 and charged with driving while impaired. In a new post today on Facebook, she shares thoughts on hitting rock bottom. She does not mention her arrest. I posted a comment asking if