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Davey Blackburn to speak at young girls retreat featuring session on guns

You can't make this up. Who is leading the breakout session on guns at this Christian kids retreat? @kwilkerson37 @NCEWesleyanCh @WRAL — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) April 25, 2017 You'll recall (or please Google) Pastor Davey Blackburn's wife was murdered under what some say are spurious circumstances. — Stephanie Drury—SCCL (@StuffCCLikes) April 25, 2017 @watchkeep @daveyblackburn Don't forget the self defense workshop and the "escape room " workshop 🙄 — Joy and Sadness (@GozoYTristeza) April 25, 2017 Who would even send their daughters to this? @watchkeep My word! — Tricia Johnson (@trishkj) April 25, 2017 @watchkeep @daveyblackburn They need a whole session to say, "It doesn't." — Mickey (@KitMickey) April 25, 2017 @GozoYTristeza @watchkeep @daveyblackburn This can't be real life, can it?!? 😳