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Do you see us?

#Doyouseeus Pls note #DoYouSeeUs for Jane's story. @wartwatch   @watchkeep   @ThouArtTheMan @wthrockmorton — Julie Anne (@DefendTheSheep) September 22, 2017 Do you hear Jane? A rape victim alleges blaming & shaming & cover up by @johnmacarthur & officials @mastersuniv — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) September 18, 2017 You can read Jane's full story here at Marci Preheim's site.  I am 32 years old and I am taking my life back. My name is Jane. Do you see me? *Writer’s note: This is an eye-witness testimony of something that really happened. Anyone who accuses me or Jane of lying may want to reconsider as we have police reports (the police believe the stranger has done this before and will do it again) printed emails, and plenty of evidence. Somehow, Jane had the presence of mind to print and keep all of these papers all of these years. Furthermore, if you are more appalled at me for writing this story,