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Not My Mr. Royal

Last Saturday, I noticed a tweet discussing #notmymrroyal . My friend Dee Parsons and I support these brave young ladies and their parents for speaking out. Dee will be adding her post on this story tomorrow at The Wartburg Watch . For all my non-local followers, I’m sure you’ve seen my tweets regarding #NotMyMrRoyal . I want to take the time to give the full details of the situation at hand and why this is so important to speak about. Here’s an info thread on what’s happening and why you should be angry: — nana (@bananacreamp1e) January 28, 2018 I was angry. I am angry. As an abuse survivor advocate, I am angry over the injustice being perpetuated by a tone-deaf response by the administration of Hamilton Southeastern Schools . The principal of HSE High School is Matt Kegley . I cried when I read this. Her response was normal to a horrific situation. The students who called her such names should apologize and stand with her. #metoo — Dee Parsons

Connecting the dots: Andy Savage, from Tennessee to Texas and back again

*This is a working document that has been updated as new information has become available.  What we know from Andy Savage and his admission of sexual assault of Jules Woodson as a 17 year-old minor in his care as a youth pastor in 1998 - these are the pastors who knew and failed to report the assault to police when they first learned about the "incident" and over the 20 years since: Steve Bradley, Larry Cotton, Chris Conlee .  Other names mentioned in the graph show the connection to Germantown Baptist Church, Andy Savage and Chris Conlee. Germantown Baptist Church was Savage's home church when he left for Texas and came back to Tennessee again.  The other men mentioned in the graphic, whose paths crossed with Andy's, are currently or were pastors on staff or volunteer leaders at the respective churches.  In addition to Andy Savage, two other accused sex abusers are mentioned with connections to Highpoint Church, Andy Savage and Chris Conle

Doug Wilson's Christ Church sends letter reprimanding a woman who revoked her church membership

I was contacted by a friend of this woman who shared this letter. I have been given permission to post. A preface from the recipient of the letter from Christ Church : Initially,  this letter was shared without consent from a secret Facebook group with out permission.  This was not a local group. I've since given permission , selectively,  to be shared while protecting my identity.  Here are some important clarifications:  I love my husband and he is not violent.  I am safe as are my children. I want to seek outside counseling to work on marital issues.  I appreciate the concern from the Christ Church community, but I revoked my membership in October.   I do not have an attorney.  I do not have a go fund me account. I do not have a Twitter account. I am not in control of what is shared or said on the internet.    I do feel this is an over reach of the church but I'm thankful for the time I've spent there and hope to keep friendships despite differences.

Andy Savage on the Ben Ferguson Show

Transcript Comparison for the Ben Ferguson Show with Andy Savage WREC 600AM Live on radio Thursday, January 11, 2018 4:00pm CST – fair use for analysis & critique ----------------------- UPDATE : This post was originally published in the early morning hours of January 15th, 2018.  Later that day, at 1:23 PM, Ben Ferguson tweeted that he asked his producer to upload the interview with Andy Savage again, this time with "all the commercials included."  These newly uploaded files contain the clips that were omitted in the original upload to the 600 WREC site. Audio of The Ben Ferguson show live on Monday, January 15, 2018 addressing the edited Andy Savage interview: ---------------------- Two sound files published on web and linked by Highpoint Church Friday, January 12, 2018 *This transcript comparison does not include breaks and the host’s lead-in/lead-out from breaks unless otherwise noted. BF = Ben Ferguson , host of the Ben Ferguson Show, a fr