Doug Wilson's Christ Church sends letter reprimanding a woman who revoked her church membership

I was contacted by a friend of this woman who shared this letter. I have been given permission to post.

A preface from the recipient of the letter from Christ Church:

Initially,  this letter was shared without consent from a secret Facebook group with out permission.  This was not a local group. I've since given permission , selectively,  to be shared while protecting my identity.  Here are some important clarifications:  I love my husband and he is not violent.  I am safe as are my children. I want to seek outside counseling to work on marital issues. 

I appreciate the concern from the Christ Church community, but I revoked my membership in October.  

I do not have an attorney.  I do not have a go fund me account. I do not have a Twitter account. I am not in control of what is shared or said on the internet.
I do feel this is an over reach of the church but I'm thankful for the time I've spent there and hope to keep friendships despite differences. 

Doug Wilson is the lead pastor of Christ Church. The letter was signed by Mike Lawyer, pastor of discipleship and counseling.

Spiritual Sounding Board: elders at Doug Wilson's Christ Church put woman in abusive marriage under church discipline

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