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Jules Woodson issues statement in response to Andy Savage starting a new church

Jules Woodson - Twitter Andy Savage sexually assaulted me when I was 17 and he was my ordained youth pastor. He admits to sexually assaulting me. He admits that it was abuse of power.  Less than two years after this abuse was exposed, and he resigned from Highpoint Church, he has filed non-profit paperwork to plant a new church “Grace Valley Church.” When Andy sexually abused me, two other pastors, Larry Cotton and Steve Bradley failed to oversee Andy’s repentance, and failed to teach Andy that he had forever disqualified himself as a pastor, according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2 in the Bible. I have listened to Andy Savage’s speech to the potential members of “Grace Valley Church,” which was published online. Andy Savage is using manipulative approaches and what are considered “grooming” tactics to gain interest and support for his church.  In his speech, Andy appeals to vulnerable, broken people and broken lives who are in need of the gospel; he asks for people to share their s

Andy Savage, confessed sexual abuser, starting a new church in Memphis

Devastating news today. My abuser is back in the pulpit. 😭🤬🤮🤯 — Jules Woodson (@juleswoodson11) October 26, 2019 I received a message yesterday from a local source in Memphis, Tennessee, that Andy Savage is starting a new church, Grace Valley Church . I was sent a link to Andy's message from an interest meeting with prospective new members.  Breaking: Andy Savage, former @hpmemphis pastor who confessed to sexual assault of a teen in his youth group in TX, is starting a new church in Memphis- Grace Valley Church. Message from his “interest meeting” @juleswoodson11 #churchtoo #metoo — Amy Smith (@watchkeep) October 26, 2019 Andy Savage is a former pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis who resigned in early 2018 after confessing to sexual assault of a teen girl who was a member of his youth group while he was on staff as a youth minister at a church in Texas. I wrote about Jules Woodson and her story here on

Another child sex abuse case disclosed at The Village Church Texas

Last week, I was notified, along with other advocates, that The Village Church sent out an email to members at The Village Church Fort Worth campus notifying them of an important meeting taking place on Thursday night October 10. The email stated that the matter involved the student ministry. The language used seemed to me that this was abuse disclosure. At the time of the meeting, I dialed into the announced teleconference number. A recorded message stated that the church teleconference was not available but to attend the upcoming church services on Sunday to hear the information.  Blogger Anna Keith wrote about this case in a detailed post .  On Sunday 10/13/19, according to a member who was present, the parents were informed that a children’s & youth volunteer by the name of Andy Landrum had confessed on Wednesday 10/9/19, to ‘ having some inappropriate sexual contact with a child and also having tried to videotape children at his place of employment (a school). A

Not Caring Well: Pioneer Drive Baptist Church on the arrest of Christian musician Jeff Berry

Christian musician Jeff Berry was arrested yesterday in Tennessee. A man known as a former church music leader in Texas was arrested on a fugitive from justice charge in Williamson County on Monday.  Jeff Berry, 55, is behind bars on a $10 million bond. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office booked him on a fugitive from justice charge. He’s being held for an indecency with child by contact charge, according to a sheriff’s office spokeswoman. ... Court documents filed by Berry's wife in Williamson County Chancery Court accuse Jeff Berry of moving to various churches as a music leader and "molesting under-age boys over the years." According to the affidavit, Berry's wife filed for divorce and said she spoke with parents from an Abilene church, who suggested that their son was sexually abused by Berry in middle school. She also detailed in court documents that the couple's son gave her the names of four different men who claim they were sexually abused b