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Fellowship Church Allaso Ranch camp opener video: Just Breathe. Then Exhale. On the kid next to you.

The Mix Camp 2020 Allaso Ranch Opener  Fellowship Church @fc led by pastor Ed Young @EdYoung promoted their July 2020 #AllasoRanch youth camp event during the pandemic -- LIKE THIS. Just shocked. — Studio MarkAllen Ⓜ️ (@studiomarkallen) July 23, 2020 Fellowship Church in Grapevine is ignoring the coronavirus outbreak among attendees at the Christian camp, parents and church members say. Those who speak out about the lack of COVID-19 precautions are labeled as "fearful," one woman said. — Kaley Johnson (@KaleyAJohnson) July 23, 2020 Campers test positive for COVID-19 after attending evangelical youth camp in Texas- story contains a link to my blog post ⁦ @RNS ⁩ @fc @edyoung — Amy miss informed Smith (@watchkeep) July 23, 2020 Pandemic Mosh Pit at Fellowship Church Allaso Ranch, July 2020 @fc @EdYoung #AllasoRanch #ProfitsForJesus — Studio MarkAllen Ⓜ️ (@studiomar

Does Ed Young's Fellowship Church in Texas have a Covid-19 outbreak after youth camp with hundreds of kids?

After my post yesterday about the Covid outbreak at Keystone Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I saw reports on social media of a possible outbreak at a Dallas area megachurch, Fellowship Church, from their youth camp as well.  Fellowship Church is led by senior pastor Ed Young with multiple campuses in  Dallas/Fort Worth (TX), Miami (FL), Northport (FL), and Norman (OK). Allaso Ranch is a private ranch in Hawkins, Texas, about 93 miles east of Dallas, owned by the church where they host summer camps and retreats. Allaso Ranch is open this summer according to church social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.   Photos show hundreds of kids gathered in large groups with no social distancing and no masks.  Allaso Ranch youth camp- Fellowship Church Robert McInnis tweeted concern about the camp and stated that his son was supposed to attend, but they decided against it after the church could not give him their plan for social distancing.  I checked out the recent Allaso Ranch

Covid-19 Outbreak at Keystone Church Camp in Texas

Reports began circulating on social media this weekend regarding an outbreak of Covid cases from Keystone Church's youth camp, which was apparently held out of town at Latham Springs Camp and Retreat Center in Aquila, Texas July 6-10. Keystone Church is located in Keller, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Brandon Thomas is the founding and senior pastor. One post shared by Sarah Zamora on Facebook included photos of the kids at camp in groups and singing at a very large gathering without masks. Some photos do show kids wearing masks at times.  Keystone Church camp album on Facebook  - *this album is no longer available. It was removed shortly after I  published this blog post.  Keystone Screencaps I shared some of these posts earlier today and received a message with a screenshot (posted below) of a post from a parent of a camper who attended Keystone's camp, along with the email sent by the church.   Rob Patterson, a pastor at Keystone Church, is on the City of Keller

Outcry Discussion: Why hasn't DA Shawn Dick charged Johnathan McCarty in the Greg Kelley child sex assault case?

"How do you feel about Jonathan McCarty being free?" I posted a comment on the Outcry Documentary and Greg Kelley Case Discussion Facebook page . I asked, why hasn't Shawn Dick charged Johnathan McCarty in this case? Or anyone else? Others commented that they wanted me to find out why. Second suspect in Kelley case will not likely be charged When I have three suspects in a case, absent Jonathan McCarty confessing or some extraordinary evidence that we don't have right now, I don't see it possible for us to try Jonathan McCarty for this offense.  DA Shawn Dick says he doesn't believe at this time the court could rule beyond a reasonable doubt on any of the suspects. — KVUE News (@KVUE) August 22, 2017 DA Shawn Dick: There are three very viable suspects in the child sex assault case. — KVUE News (@KVUE) August 22, 2017   With Greg Kelley conviction overturned, DA won't bring new charges in sex assault case Despite overturning Kelley’s conviction, investigat