Where is Marilane Carter?

Marilane Carter, a 36-year-old woman from the Kansas City area, has been missing over a week now. Reports state that she was last seen leaving her home about 8:15 pm on August 1. She has not been heard from since Sunday, August 2. The first missing persons report was filed on Wednesday, August 5 and stated that she was traveling to Birmingham to visit family and had made concerning statements to her family. Her mother has stated in news coverage that Marilane had planned to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to be there for the birth of her sister's baby and to get help for sleep issues. 

She is married to Adam Carter, a Southern Baptist pastor at Leawood Baptist Church in Leawood, Kansas. Her husband's brother, Paul Carter, stated in a Facebook post on Wednesday, August 5, that Marilane had been desiring to receive psychiatric help. 

We are still trying to locate Mrs. Carter. It is believed she may not be in the Kansas City area. However if you have any information, please contact our agency.

Posted by Overland Park Police Department on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Marilane was last seen on video checking in to a Quality Inn in West Plains, Missouri about 3:40 am on Sunday, August 2. She was also seen on video checking out at about 6 am. Her phone's last ping location was at 8:02 pm the same evening, August 2 near the Mississippi River bridge in West Memphis, Arkansas near a walking trail. 

Multi-state search for missing Overland Park mom

All of the departments across three states, along with the FBI, are working together to find her.

“She could be lost. I don’t know if she’s familiar with Mississippi or she’s been there before,” Lacy said. “Where she is going, her ultimate destination, and where she is is contradicting so that causes a concern.”

Carter’s husband drove down to the Memphis area to help with the search.

Since Sunday her phone stopped pinging, and there is no activity on her cards. The family hopes someone will help them find Marilane and make sure she’s safe.

“It would mean making the family whole again. It would mean getting a mom back to her three kids and a wife back to her husband, and for her getting the counseling that she’s seeking and so desperately so,” McLaughlin said.

Family of Kansas woman last heard from in Memphis area wants search of Mississippi River

 The family of a missing Kansas woman has spent days searching the Memphis area hoping to find her or clues that would lead to here whereabouts.

Now they’re making a plea for the search to move to the Mississippi River.

Marilane Carter’s husband, Adam, and her parents have been in Memphis since last week searching for the missing mother of three.

She left her home in Kansas Tuesday night heading to Birmingham where her parents live. She hoped to get help for anxiety and an inability to sleep at a hospital there where she once worked and felt comfortable talking with counselors.

Security video shows Marilane checking into a Quality Inn in Missouri several hours after she left homeCredit card statements show she got gas in West Memphis, then her phone went dead somewhere on the I-55 bridge while she was talking with her mother, who said Marilane mentioned being lost.

Her family searched the area below the bridge last week, but with no real leads they’re left wondering if something awful happened to her.

“We need volunteers to help us search right around the I-55 bridge at Memphis,” said Adam Carter. “We need people with boats and very good sonar and experience navigating the Mississippi River.”

In a story posted on August 6 at the Baptist Press, Leawood Baptist Church associate pastor Jason Franklin spoke about the disappearance of Marilane. 

Franklin's comments startled me because he contradicted statements by Adam and other family members about Marilane making concerning statements and being confused on her drive. I tweeted my concern and Franklin replied to me.

Brady McLaughlin, Marilane's brother-in-law, has been doing interviews and speaking on the family's behalf. Brady's Facebook page mentions that he is a law enforcement officer in Alabama and works at Trio Safety CPR AED, is the CEO of Stop Heart Attack, and is also a radio host at Your Security Guys, a live, on-air radio show in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Brady MacLaughlin did some work recently at the new FBI facility in Huntsville, Alabama. I posted a screenshot of this on Facebook and Brady commented several times wanting me to speak to him on the phone. He also sent me private messages.

A few days ago, Brady responded to someone on Facebook saying that Adam Carter, Marilane's husband, "is not a suspect in her disappearance at all." Is Brady involved professionally in this investigation? I don't see how this would be appropriate. 

 Image may contain: 1 person, text that says '11:25 7:56 Facebook 4Gal 54% Replies Mario Regina husband been cleared yet? 22h Reply Like Brady McLaughlin Author Mario Regina he is not a suspect in her disappearance at all. 18h Like Reply Mario Regina Brady McLaughlin good! 16h Like Reply'

I reached out to the Overland Park Police department today. I was told that the lead investigator is Detective B. Larsen who can be reached at 913-344-8768.

The Find Marilane page I believe is moderated by family, perhaps Paul Carter, Adam's brother. 

This case has grabbed the attention of many who are concerned for the safety of Marilane. There are many questions. 

Why has there been no coordinated search by law enforcement?

Why has there been no press conference by law enforcement and family?

Why has there been no reward fund established and announced to help find Marilane?

Did Marilane convert to Catholicism this summer?

What happened between the time she left the hotel, 6 am and the last phone ping near Memphis at 8 pm? 

What happened in those 14 hours? That is a trip that would normally take about 3 hours.

Did she travel out of her way to Hazen, Arkansas? 

Where is her car?

Where is Marilane?

Adam Carter stated today, in response to a friend wanting to start a reward fund, that they have a third-party attorney working to set up an account. What will this money be used for? Will a reward be announced?

Image may contain: 3 people, phone, text that says '1:24PM Heidi Prokop Smith Marilane Carter Missing Mom findno: Heidi Prokop Smith Author have disabled donations as husband they going donations different manner. donations given before disabling. This emotionally straining for me, won't responding to comments speculation just whatever you're willing and comfortable with help bringh home. MISSING Marilane Carter rganised.by Whoisthis? party attorney Write comment. ensure ccountabil mvinine trwade P'

Marilane was previously engaged to Timothy Creager who was killed in Iraq on July 1, 2004. He is from Millington, Tennessee, about 17 miles northeast of Memphis. 


Marilane Carter's body and her car were found backed into a shipping container in a field on private property in Crittenden County near West Memphis, Arkansas over 2 weeks after she went missing. Detectives said her uncle made the discovery after searching the field alone, and he noticed that the doors to the container she was found in were open. An earlier search, investigators confirm at one point, brought them face-to-face with the shipping container where Carter's vehicle was eventually found. The location where she was found is just a few miles from the gas station where she was seen on video at about 5 pm on Sunday, August 2. Her phone last pinged in that area 3 hours later at about 8 pm.

Her death has been ruled a suicide.


Anonymous said…
Very deceptive of them... I believe that Adam Carter had his wife leave for a time in order to make it appear that she left on her own free will. I believe he knew about all of her goings and comings and met her probably outside of that hotel when she left. And then he did something to her. Justice for Marilane!
Anonymous said…
The shaking ‘no’ of his head when discussing his missing wife shows he’s not being truthful, imho
Anonymous said…
So much going on with the case! Especially after the Le briefing today! I hope she’s found safe.
Anonymous said…
Why do they want people to volunteer to search the I-55 bridge in memphis when she was pinged on the Arkansas side? I went out there today and searched for 3-4 hours, there is so much brush and grassy water beads. This is where they need to be searching. Not memphis she is not in the Mississippi River.
Anonymous said…
So the possible scratches on his face, did anyone else notice his eye. It appears to have broken blood vessels, from scratch or trauma. The corner is dark, where it should be white.
Also he last heard from her at 8pm, the last ping....he shows up at the police station at 3 am that gives him just enough time to drive back. There seems to be a lot of unanswered questions about this story. That they would answer if they were really pulling out all stops. But they are using the privacy aspect. But if a loved one is missing that long and the difficult questions need to be answered. You need to start answering these questions and explaining the entire story. Because none of this makes much sense. Seems there is a lot being held back and not told. So there is definitely more to the story, and if there is nothing to any of these questions then they should address them instead of trying to bury them. I'm all for being innocent until proven guilty, but someone needs to start explaining.

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