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Arkanas State Crime Lab Chief Medical Examiner responds to questions about the death of Marilane Carter

I have received email communication with the Chief Medical Examiner at the Arkansas State Crime Lab where Marilane Carter's body was taken after she was found deceased in her car that was backed into a shipping container in a field on private property in Crittenden County, Arkansas. Marilane was reportedly found by her husband Adam Carter's uncle on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. This uncle apparently who found her is Larry Bradley. The property where she was found had been previously searched by law enforcement and others, including family members. According to the Crittenden County Sheriff Chief Todd Grooms, the containers had been seen before but not searched as the doors appeared closed and assumed to be locked.  Marilane had been reported missing on August 3 at about 3- 4 am by her husband Adam who apparently went in person to the Overland Park, Kansas police department. She allegedly left home on the evening of August 1 at 8:15pm. Family members have stated that she was travel

Message from a close college friend of Marilane Carter

I have received permission to share this message as a post here. Hi - I wanted to message you privately because I don't share much on here. I'm a close college friend of Marilane's. We hadn't seen each other or really had a chance to speak since just after her wedding, but had kept in touch casually on facebook. When she went missing, I was floored. This was not the girl I knew. The words that I would use to best describe her when we were close were faithful, stable, strong, and gentle. Not at all the person portrayed over the last few weeks.  I know people can change over time, but I find it extremely hard to believe that she would have changed that much unless something traumatic happened to her - and I met her right after Tim died, which was incredibly difficult and she was still gentle and stable! None of this makes sense to me. IF she did this to herself, then it was because something/someone triggered it. She truly loved others - she worked at a Mental Health Serv