Breaking: Uncle who found body and car of Marilane Carter dead of apparent suicide in Kansas after search warrant served at his house

I was contacted Saturday night by someone asking if I had heard that Adam Carter's uncle Larry Bradley had killed himself. That was the first I had heard about it. I was also told that police had shown up at Larry Bradley's house last week in Overland Park, Kansas with a search warrant. Sometime after that, Larry allegedly left and went somewhere and killed himself, possibly at a nearby park. 

Larry Bradley is Kansas Baptist pastor Adam Carter's uncle who found Marilane Carter's body and car on August 18, 2020 in a remote field in a shipping container in West Memphis, Arkansas. Larry is married to Ellen, Adam's dad Craig's sister. 

I posted to Facebook and Twitter looking to confirm news of Larry's death.

First, I received a reply from Jason Wilson on Facebook who reportedly is Larry Bradley's co-worker at BNSF Railway

Then, a close friend of Adam confirmed Larry's death and the search warrant.

I received private information in the Marilane Carter case while she was still missing that led to the belief that she was already dead & family knew. A few days after she was found, someone who cares about her & the truth reached out to me for help. I reported to several law enforcement agencies. The information I received suggests foul play and needs an investigation. A few weeks ago I heard that an investigation has been opened.
If anyone has something to share, email me or message me. Thank you.


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