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SBC Credentials Committee is a total sham. They are NOT a safe resource for ANY survivor - Jules Woodson

Jules Woodson from Twitter I am so livid at the SBC Credentials Committee right now I could scream!!! A Thread: Yesterday, a fellow advocate and friend, @writer_dee , spoke with Mike Lawson and Stacey Bramlett via a Zoom meeting on my behalf. — Jules Woodson (@juleswoodson11) January 22, 2021 Time after time, the Southern Baptist Convention shows itself to be completely inept, corrupt and dangerous. Caring Well was a sham. As Jules Woodson's tweet thread explains, the SBC Credentials Committee is a sham.  Jules sent an email to lead pastor Steve Bradley at Stonebridge Church in Texas on May 15, 2019.  Steve Bradley was the pastor to whom Jules reported being  sexually abused  by her then youth pastor Andy Savage when she was in high school. Steve did not report this abuse to law enforcement. Andy was allowed to move on to Tennessee where he founded Highpoint Church with Chris Conlee.  Andy Savage resigned from Highpoint and has recently started a new church in Collierville, Tenn