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Erosion of Trust: Todd Wagner resigns as lead pastor of Watermark Community Church

  Yesterday, Watermark Community Church, a Dallas mega church, announced that founder and senior pastor Todd Wagner had resigned . In a video posted to the website along with the leadership update, Todd is joined on stage by several other elders and staff members. One of those, David Leventhal, announced that he had resigned last month due to "an erosion of trust in Todd Wagner's ability to lead in the role of Senior Pastor and Elder."  That's quite a line that was no doubt scripted, but that it made it into the official announcement says that something serious has been going on with Todd Wagner at Watermark Church. Last fall Todd announced that he was temporarily stepping back from his role as senior pastor due to the sin of pride. Leonardo Blair at The Christian Post covered this story at the time. “For the first time in 20 years, I’m stepping back from what I usually do so I can do the hard work of hard work. So don’t be looking for some scandal. Don’t even think